Sonia Satra

Certified life coach | Fitness instructor | Award-winning motivational speaker


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Sonia Satra is a certified life coach, fitness instructor, and award-winning motivational speaker who has dedicated her life to helping people reach their full potential through unifying the body and mind.

Formerly the president of the National Speakers Association – NYC, she developed a one-of-a-kind Perspectives program has brought thousands of people clarity and confidence at times of critical decision-making, and her Women’s Empowerment Adventures have pushed women in NYC to discover their potential both physically and mentally.

With over 10,000 hours of onscreen and stage acting, the former soap opera star continues to act in both theatre and onscreen, appearing most recently in the Emmy -winning docudrama The Men Who Built America. When she isn’t spending time with her family, she enjoys running, yoga, horseback riding, mountain-climbing, and is also an ardent boxing enthusiast. She lives in New York City with her husband Stephen and their two children, Kaya and Ty.

“Your core beliefs determine the dreams that you achieve” 

– Sonia Satra, Founder & CEO

Sonia Satra guiding light

I’m sitting across from Sonia in her Manhattan office, listening to her tell me all the ways she’s discovered and explored the mind-body connection in her life. As I get to know her, it becomes more and more obvious that her experiences, her beliefs, her energy, all add up to this concept. She’s passionate about the importance of aligning your thoughts, beliefs, and actions in order to become your highest self. And staying, or getting, in shape—all at the same time.

Growing up in New Jersey, Sonia came from a family of doctors, professors, and engineers. Yet she felt a pull to follow what seemed like an impossible dream: acting. So after graduating from Rutgers with a Communications degree and some modeling experience, she packed up her car and drove to California.

While many young women were doing the same thing, Sonia managed to set herself apart: she scored leading roles in the daytime dramas Guiding Light and One Life to Live. In an industry where fewer than 3% succeed, Sonia became a star.

She attributes her success as an actress to visualization. Not only did she “see” herself in her various roles, stepping into her characters both mentally and physically—but she also visualized a lot of her success with agents, producers, and directors, before it happened.

Sonia wasn’t satisfied with “just” acting, though, and after several years in the spotlight, her passion for adventure took her farther. She began traveling, and within years, she’d climbed mountains in Norway, ridden camels in Egypt, skied in Chile, scuba-dived in the Great Barrier Reef, learned the flying trapeze in Mexico, went sky-diving and bungee-jumping here in the U.S.…the list goes on. Each one is a story—and from each, she took away some lesson, some wisdom of meeting and overcoming a personal challenge.

In addition to her fearlessness and her passion, Sonia also possesses a strong love for people and a need to give back. I can see it in the way she treats the people around her—from those working for her, to her clients, to her colleagues. So it came as no surprise when explained that she’d wanted to take all her adventures, everything she’d learned both in Hollywood and abroad, and turn them into something that could benefit others.

So she became a life coach. She dedicated her practice to helping others find their dream and pursue it with their whole body and mind. “If you can align your body and mind—your beliefs and your actions—toward something you’re passionate about,” she told me, “then you’re unstoppable.” She developed curricula that taught people to find the answers they need within them, by tapping their “body intelligence” through mental and physical fitness. She took this message around the country, winning national awards and being elected President of the National Speakers Association – NYC Chapter.

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And then, it was while she was being sworn in as President that she had the idea for her first business.

“We were sitting down to a luncheon in a hotel conference room,” she said. “You know, the kind where you sit for a long time, very formal, and so on. I said to the person next to me, ‘If it were up to me, we’d all go down to Chelsea Piers and climb the rock wall.’”

Such were the humble beginnings of the wildly successful Women’s Empowerment Adventures (now called Moticise Adventures – as I was jazzed to hear, they’re still being offered in NYC). These were a series of workshops for women, in which Sonia paired a life coaching workshop with an outdoor adventure. It was the perfect fit: she combined her years of coaching with her love of adventure. The most recent one here in New York was The Power of Letting Go: Women’s Trapeze Adventure.

“Oh, like trapeze as a metaphor for life,” I said.

“No no, we actually did the flying trapeze,” she says breezily, “on the roof of Chelsea Piers, along the Hudson River. You could see the Statue of Liberty as you swung. It was really cool.”

And then, in 2013, the idea for a new project took root in her mind.

“I was running on a treadmill,” she said, “watching some really bad morning TV, and thinking, this is completely uninspiring. And I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if I could just bring in my vision board? And that got me thinking of the goals and visions I have for myself—I started to picture them, imagine them, go deeper into each one. And it was completely motivating! I thought, this is excellent—what if I could combine these things into, well, motivational exercise?”

And thus was born Moticise. 

Moticise is the ultimate mind and body workout!

Using exercises combined with mindset tools, guided visualizations and action-oriented planning, you combine emotion, vision, and action and get in shape both physically and mentally.