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Fed up with 2017?

Need a new roadmap for the coming year?

Want to finally and forever get the mindset you’ve always desired?

Then join me and Karen Jacobsen, The GPS Girl, as we guide you through exercises and techniques desired specifically to get you on the right path. 

When: Saturday January 13 9am-1pm
Where: P.S. Kitchen

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Discounted for a limited time only  


did you see us last time?



Women of all body types struggle with keeping a positive body image. We’re so programmed to see what’s wrong with us, not what’s beautiful. Often, we grow to be ashamed or embarrassed about our natural, unique beauty.

In this workshop-adventure, Sonia Satra helps you change all that. On Sunday, February 12, she’ll lead you through a two-hour workshop that empowers you to step into your most gorgeous, confident self. Then, you’ll show off that new glow during a pole-dancing lesson!

• Learn to love your reflection, instead of focusing on flaws

• Discover strength & confidence you didn’t know you had

• Tap into your feminine energy to empower your life

…and go home with an awesome story to tell your friends!

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Love Your Body: Workshop & Pole-Dancing Adventure

February 12, 2017, 1:00 – 5:00pm | Midtown West, New York City

Open to all fitness levels. No experience necessary (or expected!).

“It is my wish that one day, no child will ever have to face cancer.”
 – Taylor Matthews, 1991-2007

On November 9, Moticise partners with Talbots for a very special event:
a celebration of life to benefit Conquering Kidz Cancer, a nonprofit fighting to raise funding for pediatric cancer research. 

CKC was founded by Taylor Matthews, who died at age 16 of cancer.
Today, her family carries on her legacy. Watch their amazing story, and learn about their progress toward a kids’-cancer-free world, in this video:

To celebrate Taylor’s life and help CKC raise money,
I’ll host a fun, quick Moticise session that helps you reach YOUR dream.

Karen Jacobsen, the GPS Girl & Australian voice of Siri, will give a
guest musical performance.

10% of every Talbots purchase you make goes to Conquering Kidz Cancer.
Plus, we’ll have refreshments, wine, gift bags, & more!

Wednesday, Nov 9, 2017
6:00pm – 8:00pm | Presentations will begin at 6:30pm
Talbots | 525 Madison Ave | New York, NY 

Pick up the latest fall fashions, meet some amazing people,
and help us make Taylor’s dream a reality. 

The end of pediatric cancer is in sight.
Please come help me support this worthy cause.

To RSVP YES, please email Madeline Klein at

We supported an amazing organization, Urban Arts at Talbots. It was a 3-for-1 with moticise, shopping and charity! 

An amazing turn out. Can’t wait for the next!



The Power of Letting Go was an amazing event that taught the tools needed to overcome anything that was holding us back in life.. it was also an amazing adventure on the trapeze! Stay tuned for this special event coming back in the future!!

Do you feel like your life could be so much better than it is?

Are you ready to let go of the fear that’s holding you back?

Do you want to try something new, fun, and life-changing?

If you said “yes!” to any of these questions,
then this is the adventure for you.

The Power of Letting Go: Trapeze Workshop & Adventure is designed to help you harness your inner strength and self-confidence so you can
step off the platform of life and fly.

Often in life, we are faced with the decision to jump, or climb back down the ladder into our comfort zone. Yet deep down, we know the best things in life happen when we take a chance. So take YOUR chance!

In this workshop, we will learn how to take a leap and trust that we will be supported. Then, we will put that into action as we trapeze off a platform overlooking the beautiful Hudson River and NYC Skyline.


In this one-of-a-kind, empowering experience, you will:

  • Learn to let go of the things that hold you back

  • Increase self-confidence, live in the moment, and feel alive again

  • Have a fun adventure…and a great story to tell your friends!



We had the webinar that changed your life! 2016 is YOUR year – and this event was the key! If you missed it.. don’t worry, they’ll be more!

Go here to sign up on our site to get updates and a link for the webinar!




An exclusive
Mind Body Spirit Networking Event!

Featuring a Mindset Reset Workout followed by a Moticise Vision Boarding Workshop!

Wait, WHAT? I have to do cardio?  “But I hate working out.”  “I have a bad knee.” “I don’t want to sweat.” “I’m in terrible shape.”  “I’d rather get a root canal without Novocain.”  hate working out

Okay, okay…We know not everyone wants to work out especially after a long day at work… But, more and more studies are proving that exercise helps boost your problem-solving skills, creativity and actually rewires your brain. Plus, it’s fun! Still not sold?  OK, you win. If cardio isn’t your cup of tea, you can walk, or stand during the class or even sit. You’ll still benefit from using the goal-setting process in Mindset Reset.


After a Mindset Reset workout, you’ll dive even deeper into your own success by creating a vision board – a beautiful, personal guide to your ideal life. Proven to help people achieve even the toughest goals, Vision Boarding is a powerful, fun, and interactive activity that gives you a physical, tangible keepsake of your own
personal goals and dreams.


When: Monday, January 11, 2016, 6:00 – 8:00pm
Where: Tournesol Wellness, 26 E. 36th St (btw Park & Madison)
Cost: $40

Thanks to Essentia Water  Drink Maple and Rawpothecary for being our amazing sponsors!! 






Wednesday December 2nd, we had an amazing time for the participants and raised money for FoodBankNYC at the same time!


We’ve had a number of classes at Athleta since our Feb 7th event.. and can’t wait for the next!!



Jan 24

We had an amazing time at the Athleta – Flat Iron. Thank you to BrainToniqs water for supplying our hydration and thank you everyone that came out!


Jan 10-11

Washington DC gave us a warm welcome as we reached thousands of Moticisers in our Nation’s capital at the NBC4 Health and Fitness Expo.

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