Love Your Body:

Workshop & Pole-Dance Adventure 



Women of all body types struggle with keeping a positive body image. We’re so programmed to see what’s wrong with us, not what’s beautiful. Often, we grow to be ashamed or embarrassed about our natural, unique beauty.

In this workshop-adventure, Sonia Satra helps you change all that. On Sunday, February 12, she’ll lead you through a two-hour workshop that empowers you to step into your most gorgeous, confident self. Then, you’ll show off that new glow during a pole-dancing lesson!

• Learn to love your reflection, instead of focusing on flaws

• Discover strength & confidence you didn’t know you had

• Tap into your feminine energy to empower your life

…and go home with an awesome story to tell your friends!

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Love Your Body: Workshop & Pole-Dancing Adventure

February 12, 2017, 1:00 – 5:00pm | Midtown West, New York City

Open to all fitness levels. No experience necessary (or expected!).

Regularly $249.00 |$149.00 before January 25!

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