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Do you want to be in better shape, but hate to work out?
Have you felt that your life could be so much better than it is?

Do you want to feel alive again?

So often, we settle for less than we want. We settle for less, because we get used to thinking that this is all there is.

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We think: I’ll always be tired, I’ll always be overweight, I’ll always be stuck in this dead-end job.

Well, with those beliefs, you might!

Moticise’s first exercise DVD Mindset Reset will help you recreate your core beliefs so that they serve you, not tear you down. With this workout, you’ll raise your heart rate and strengthen your muscles–while focusing your mind and thoughts toward your greater self. You’ll train your body and your mind to serve you. You’ll step into the future you’ve only dreamt about.

Combining her proven coaching skills with a challenging aerobic workout, Sonia has designed a revolutionary form of exercise—one that employs your whole self: physical, mental, and emotional. Sign up now and you’ll receive a 25% discount Mindset Reset—and you’ll be one step closer to your dreams.

Plus, Mindset Reset comes with a free workbook—30 pages of Sonia’s original activities that will get you thinking, dreaming, working toward your most fulfilling life. These fun and easy exercises include visualizations, games, maps, drawings, journaling, and more—and they’re all about YOU.

Moticise: Mindset Reset is your ticket to your dream life. Sign up soon and you’ll receive the cardio workout PLUS the Moticise Workbook, for 25% of the original price!


With the purchase of Mindset Reset, you’ll also receive an invitation to the Moticise boards—a community of dynamic individuals from all walks of life, dedicated to becoming and being their highest, best selves. On the boards, we discuss our goals, our dreams, our fears, our experiences—all aspects of stepping into a new life. Join to meet a supportive, inspiring group of people like you.

So often we feel stuck. We’re up against a wall, trying to break through, yet something’s holding us back. What is it?

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Moticise is the ultimate mind and body workout!

Using exercises combined with mindset tools, guided visualizations and action-oriented planning, you combine emotion, vision, and action and get in shape both physically and mentally.

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