moti minutes


Welcome to the Moticise Minutes! In these short clips, Sonia demonstrates a unique mind-body exercise designed to help you improve your life. In just one minute, you can take a big step toward what you really want.


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How to Keep The Magic Alive

Open Yourself to New Possibilities! 

Yes, And

Gratitude has been proven to change the way you think an view the world and how you approach it. A little 

Lift Yourself Up!

What’s Your Bigger Vision?

Gratitude Squats

Gratitude has been proven to change the way you think an view the world and how you approach it. A little gratitude goes a long way for yourself and others!

What’s Stopping You?

Sometimes instead of ignoring an issue and saying, ‘Everything will be fine,’ it’s good to face that obstacle head on and figure out how to handle it! This technique will help you identify, not only the problem that is stopping you, but also how to face it and move forward!

Burn Those Limiting Beliefs 

Do you have limiting beliefs that are holding you back?
Do they creep in every time you try to start a new task, achieve a new goal or change a bad habit?
Are you tired of feeling afraid of starting something new?
Well guess what — you weren’t born with those beliefs, you created them and you CAN DESTROY them!!
Learn how to burn those beliefs for an amazingly successful YOU!

What do you have?

So often we focus on what we don’t have.. but what could happen if you focus on what you DO have? The possibilities are endless… 

Outrageous Acts!

Based on my blog about Gloria Steinem, learn how to step outside your comfort zone, burst through what’s stopping you and reach new heights by committing to one outrageous act that will put you on the path to success!!

Jump Outside Your Comfort Zone

Ever feel like something is holding you back? Maybe you’re just reallllyyy comfortable with where you are? Well sometimes you need to JUMP OUTSIDE your comfort zone to achieve that goal of yours! Do this short exercise to JUMP START your dreams!


Self Talk

How do you talk to yourself? Do you beat yourself up instead of build yourself up? Use this exercise to talk yourself into success!


Face Your Fears

PUNCH through your fears with these mindset tools!


Outrageous Acts!

Step OUTSIDE your comfort zone and find amazing courage to reach your goals!