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Moticise Adventures are a series of workshops, in which Sonia pairs a life coaching workshop with an outdoor adventure. It is a perfect fit: coaching combined with a love of adventure. The most recent one here in New York was The Power of Letting Go: Trapeze Adventure. Previous adventures have also included kayaking to the Statue of Liberty and climbing a rock wall! Stay tuned as more are yet to come…

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Love Your Body


Women of all body types struggle with keeping a positive body image. We’re so programmed to see what’s wrong with us, not what’s beautiful. Often, we grow to be ashamed or embarrassed about our natural, unique beauty.

In this workshop-adventure, Sonia Satra helps you change all that. On Sunday, February 12, she’ll lead you through a two-hour workshop that empowers you to step into your most gorgeous, confident self. Then, you’ll show off that new glow during a pole-dancing lesson!

• Learn to love your reflection, instead of focusing on flaws

• Discover strength & confidence you didn’t know you had

• Tap into your feminine energy to empower your life

…and go home with an awesome story to tell your friends!

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Power of Letting Go

Are you sick and tired of feeling stuck?
Are you ready to let go of the fear that’s holding you back?
Or do you simply want to try something new and fun?

The Power of Letting Go: Trapeze Workshop & Adventure is designed to help you harness your inner strength and self-confidence so you can step off the platform of life and fly. You will learn to identify and let go of what is holding you back. Often in life, we are faced with the decision to jump, or climb back down the free-your-mindladder into our comfort zone. Yet deep down, we know the best things in life happen when we take a chance.

In this workshop, we will learn how to breakthrough, take a leap, and trust that we will be supported. Then, we will put all of that into action on a fun adventure as we trapeze off a platform overlooking the beautiful Hudson and NYC skyline.

In this one of a kind empowering experience, you will:

    • Learn to let go of the things that hold you back
    • Learn to leap outside your comfort zone
    • Learn to focus and live in the moment
    • Increase self-confidence and feel alive again
    • Have a fun adventure…and a great story to tell your friends!

Kayak to Lady Liberty

and Learn How to Ride the Currents of Your Life.

Do you feel like you keep starting things but don’t follow through and complete them?

Have you thought lately, I know I am meant to do so much more but I’m just not doing it?

Or do you simply want to have more fun and adventure in your life?

This Kayak To Lady Liberty Workshop and Adventure is designed to help give you that self confidence and inner strength to boldly step into the life that deep down you really want! You will also learn important strategies to commit and follow through. Sometimes “life happens” and we get stopped, tired or simply caught up in the currents. In this workshop, we will learn how to steer ourselves out of those currents and back on course into the perspective of possibility. Then we will put all of that into action in a FUN adventure as we Kayak to the Statue of Liberty!

In this mindset changing experience you will:

      • Increase your Self Confidence and Inner Strength
      • Identify a Vision that is deeply fulfilling
      • Commit to an Action Plan and learn strategies for Follow Through.
      • Be held Accountable in a community of supportive and like minded women.
      • Have a Fun Adventure ….. and a great story to tell your friends about later.

Climbing the Wall of Life

climb to your future

Join Certified Executive & Life Coach Sonia Satra for a one of a kind Manhattan experience where you will embark on an exciting adventure to overcome the walls in the way of your life. Ascend the climbing wall at Chelsea Piers with the support of like-minded New York Women.

What Does This Look Like:

  • An exciting Adventure
  • A powerful 2 hour Coaching Session on how to turn these dynamic experiences into tools for life
  • A Follow Up Conference to keep the momentum going

“The Rock Climbing event was awesome! It allowed me to see what my life would be like if I don’t get ‘over the wall’ and make the move I need to make NOW. So I made it! I can’t wait for the Kayak event!”

— Mark, restaurateur

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Moticise is the ultimate mind and body workout!

Using exercises combined with mindset tools, guided visualizations and action-oriented planning, you combine emotion, vision, and action and get in shape both physically and mentally.

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