Moticise DVD


Moticise DVD

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Imagine how powerful and effective you would be if your mind and body were aligned with your life goals. Moticise will give you unstoppable positive energy and purpose. We’ve brought the essence of this incredible experience to a DVD you’ll treasure. With exercises you can do right in your home and a FREE 28-page workbook that has 14 days of companion activities, you will have the tools you need to change your mind and change your body!

Take the DVD with you when you travel, for a workout anywhere. Invite your friends to join and create your own Moticise class. The possibilities are as endless as the potential you have within you. Let Moticise change your life!

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Product Description

Moticise DVD | Now Available!

Moticise is the ultimate mind and body workout!

Your DVD includes a FREE 28-page workbook.

Enjoy invigorating exercises and 14 days of mindful activities in the workbook that will give you a Mindset Reset and tone your body!



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