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Moticise will reset your mindset and renew your body. Find your passion, hit your stride.

What if you could fulfill your heart’s deepest dreams, recapture the joy of life? Who would you be if nothing were standing in your way?

You can change your life and become all you want to be! Moticise unites mind, body and spirit with empowering, cutting-edge fitness and mind-focusing techniques.

Science reveals that exercise creates new neural pathways in your brain. Moticise liberates that potential, skillfully guiding you toward the life you desire, one step, one interval, one right hook at a time! Moticise trains your mind and body all at once, creating a whole new you.

Not only that, it’s FUN! When you join Moticise, you’ll soon find yourself eagerly anticipating your next workout. It won’t be long before you feel it: this is an experience that’s positively life altering!

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Your life can be amazing. There’s a powerful, fit and positive person inside you. Open the door and let your inner strength and beauty shine!

Moticise gives you the techniques you need to clear away the mental chatter and listen to the wisdom of your body. Using exercises combined with tools designed to reset your mindset, such as guided visualizations and action-oriented planning, you’ll:

  • Learn to align your mental and physical powers toward your unique vision
  • Combine emotion, vision, and action
  • Burn fat, tone your body, and get in shape both physically and mentally
  • You’ll be unstoppable. Right now, you’re just one click away from changing your life forever. This is your defining moment, a small step toward a big future. Go ahead, take that step!

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Why Does Moticise Work?

Moticise’s emphasis on the mind-body connection is based on leading-edge studies showing that physical exercise significantly and measurably enhances mental capacities—and vice versa. Several key studies by John Ratey, a Harvard University neuroscientist and author of Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, have overturned the commonly held belief that our brain cells do not regenerate–in fact, they do, in a process triggered by exercise called neurogenesis. By focusing your mind toward your vision of success during exercise, you are establishing new neural pathways specifically aimed toward your goal.

While Ratey’s work shows the beneficial influence the body can have on the mind, another series of studies from the American College of Sports Medicine has shown the beneficial effects of the mind on the body. A 2013 study on the psychobiology of exercise is the first to demonstrate that positive self-talk increases physical endurance. By modifying your perception of your exertion and by focusing on positivity, you can actually push yourself farther physically than you thought–in exercise, and in life.

So…what are you waiting for? Start recreating your life today with Moticise!

Moticise works! (But don’t just take our word for it.)

Here are just a few of the many testimonials from people who Moticise their lives!

With Moticise, I figure out the steps I need to take to reach my goal, instead of just wishing it would happen.
Lauren, It Consultant
After my first session a couple of things happened: First, what I really wanted to achieve came as a surprise to me, and second, I kept craving more.
Sonia, Economics Professor
Moticise took me from hating exercise to doing it everyday!
Marie, Pianist
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Moticise is the ultimate mind and body workout!

Using exercises combined with mindset tools, guided visualizations and action-oriented planning, you combine emotion, vision, and action and get in shape both physically and mentally.

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